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Joy Fellowship


Welcome to the Joyful Fellowship! Our community was established over two decades ago by a group of retired individuals who were devoted members of the church. They initiated a monthly fellowship gathering on the last Friday morning of each month, inviting shepherds, evangelists, and elders to share biblical teachings and insights. The meetings were characterized by joyful singing, fervent prayer, and collective dedication. Following the gathering, a love feast was enjoyed together.

We are grateful that time has passed, and despite the aging process, our dear friends, adorned with white hair, continue to experience God's protection and care. In recent years, we have been blessed by the addition of newly retired middle-aged and elderly members, infusing renewed energy into our community. Together, we not only provide mutual support but also address the specific needs of our elderly members.

We aspire for every gathering of the Joyful Fellowship to be filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit, as we seek God's presence. Our faithful members continue to bear fruit in their old age, remaining vibrant and serving as a shining example for younger generations within the church. Their lives are rich with wisdom and constantly nurtured, resembling evergreen trees, reminding us of God's blessings.

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