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Uni Fellowship

Whether you grew up in New Zealand or as an international student, we welcome you to join the Uni Fellowship at ACMCC. We look forward to growing with you in the love of God and God’s truth.

Welcome to the Uni Fellowship

  • Through the understanding of the Bible, it helps to better understand the gospel of salvation, the meaning and value of life, and how to face and handle various confusions and difficulties in life.

  • Giving Care and support each other in Christ Jesus, live in love, and grow in Christ.

  • When facing various difficulties and pressures, in this spiritual home, with the guidance of spiritual elders and the support of brothers and sisters, one can receive help and comfort, and not fall into helplessness and loneliness.

Whether you are looking for a direction in life, seeking rest amidst busy academic pursuits, or studying abroad alone, hoping to meet a group of family members in Christ who help and support each other, we warmly welcome you to join us.


Just like Home

The Uni fellowship's goal is to reach out to university students to share the gospel, grow spiritually in Christ and provide a spiritual home for overseas Chinese students.

Grow and Care Together

Uni fellowship helps Christian students grow spiritually, practice their faith and support and care for one another. Our goal is to lead students in Auckland to Christ, and train believers into Disciples of Christ so they can “carry the torch” and lead others.

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