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Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship is a group made of junior high school students from ages 11 to 13 and was established in 2022.

Fellowship Time

  • Saturday afternoon, two times each month - TRUTH78 course material

  • Once a month – activities / outings

  • Break during student school holidays

Teaching Materials


TRUTH78 is selected as the teaching material for the youth fellowship and co-worker training materials.

Topics and lessons for study in 2023: Rejoicing in God's good design (28 lessons in total) The aim of this course is to help students understand the goodness of God's creation. God created men and women in His image as equals, but with different roles and responsibilities.

By showing students that the differences between men and women are based on God's perfect creation and design, students are guided to truly understand that the only way to understand our identity and value as men and women is to align and connect ourselves to our Creator, to know the Lord and what He tells us about our identity and value in the Bible, etc.

Students are encouraged to see the value of each other in the Lord as they learn how God has uniquely designed and given each gender to fulfil a different calling. In the midst of the gender confusion and distorted messages that teenagers receive from the world, this study helps them to have the right values and thoughts to become mature Christians.

Objectives of the Youth Fellowship


Serving and Growing Together

Encouraging fellowship coworkers and families to accompany youths in their growth in the Lord. Practising the truth together. Together they become a pastoral care, teaching the next generation where they can grow in the Lord and be built up together in the Lord.


Biblical Truth Centered Teaching

Teaching biblical truth to help youths reorganise/establish their perspective on life and values in the Lord and to help them to be able to discern the truth and not be tempted by worldly trends or environmental pressures.

Follow Jesus and become a disciple

Cultivating into a good disciple loving God and others:

  • Love God: to know Jesus and make Him the Lord of our lives; learning to live out the truth in our lives. Having the desire to serving God, others and the Church.

  • Love others: to learn to love and support one another in fellowship life and to be good partners in each other's spiritual walk. Share life testimonies and God’s love with others.

Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity

1 Timothy 4:12

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